About Us

We are situated in a beautiful corner of South Wales with the countryside on our doorstep and yet even here the stresses and strains of everyday life can catch up on you when you least expect it.  For many people crafting provides an escape from this chaos and a chance to return their focus to something in the here and now, helping them to relax so that they are able to cope better with the everyday stresses life inevitably brings.  Crafting can also help people escape the pain of a chronic illness, providing them with a distraction whilst for others it is a professional choice and helps to pay the bills  Whatever your reason for crafting above all else it should be fun and exciting.  

Our mission at Kellie's Craft Supplies is to source high quality craft supplies at an affordable price to encourage your creativity and imagination regardless of your reasons for crafting.

My name is Emma and I do most of the work behind the scenes. If you ever need to ring or message us it is usually me that you will speak to.  I love to craft myself and my reasons for crafting are all of the above, I am never happier than when surrounded by wood, paint, metal and lots of sparkly things.  I am privileged enough to earn my living from my craft and I appreciate every customer that chooses to buy from us and always strive to provide excellent customer service.  

The company was founded in April 2019 and began life as an Etsy store, running from my dining room/bedroom/car... basically wherever I could find peace from the two little ones; yet still reaching customers across the world.  Next up was our website which has been a long slow process (mostly due to my lack of tech skills!) but we have lots more stock to come over the next few months.  We have now outgrown the dining room, falling over stock on a daily basis so now have a new office which will also double as a small brick & mortar shop once Covid-19 restrictions allow.  Exciting times to come :-)